The First Industry Specific Family Of Epoxy Adhesives For The Custom KnifeMaker

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My name is Andy Dear, owner of Axis Outdoor Products.  My background in the adhesive industry goes back to 2004. I had started a small business in 1995 called Lamar Fishing Products, with the intent of building high end custom fishing rods. It became  obvious pretty early on that the adhesives and coatings being used in the custom rod building industry were utilizing old technology, and quite honestly just not very good. The structural adhesives were cheap big box store formulas that had less than desirable working properties, and the thread coatings being used were specifically formulated for the interior design industry, mainly bar top coatings that were not at all resistant to the intense UV exposure and physical stress that a fishing rod was subjected to. Through a series of happy accidents I found myself involved in consulting on formulation and later distribution of some of the first adhesives and coatings that offered a real breakthrough in performance under the trade name of ThreadMaster. Unlike the previous products, these thread coatings were specifically designed for the fishing rod industry, and unlike the products that were being used, remained water clear under extreme long term exposure, and did not crack, check, chalk or peel after hundreds of hours of stress and strain. Additionally we also formulated structural adhesives that set new standards for accelerated cure cycles under the name Ultimate Epoxy, which cut cure cycles down from 12-24 hours down to as little as 15 minutes. We also spent two years redesigning a product called Color Preserver, which is used to seal guide wraps and preserve the original beauty and color intensity of the nylon thread used in rod construction. Historically Color Preserver was nothing more than repackaged acrylic dry wall primer. Our product, ChromaSeal introduced a totally different chemistry, and set new standards for durability and color retention on even the hardest shades of white, pink and yellow thread utilizing an architectural grade hybrid resin that was so tough it could actually be used without an epoxy coating over the top.

     In 2008, the birth of my son changed my life in a very significant way. I decided that it was time to stop working 16 hour days and focus on being a father and a husband. I had a great offer from a customer of mine who ultimately purchased my business, and has gone on to much continued success with the products we developed almost 10 years ago. I left the fishing rod industry with absolutely NO regrets..... I had a GREAT run, and was blessed enough to accomplish way more than I had ever set out to do. Boredom however eventually set in, and I had a real desire to learn a new craft. If I am not building something with my hands I get bored REAL quick. I messed around with building Golf Clubs, but that was simply a means to an didn't offer the sheer number of creative and artistic options that custom rodbuilding did. I tinkered with Gunsmithing (and still do), but there's only so much of that one can do without some formal training and a serious investment in machinery. Then in early 2014 I started building knives, and really fell in love with the craft. It has ample room for all types of artistic creativity, demands a high degree of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, and just like the craft of building fishing rods, produces a final product of equal parts art, tool and weapon...exactly what I had been looking for! And what a strange coincidence (or maybe not) that most of the adhesives being sold and used were once again...big box store epoxies. I decided pretty quickly that I had something to offer the knife making industry in the way of some high quality adhesives. The result is the BladeBond family of products, a resin system that I feel offers the best combination of price, performance and working properties for the Custom Knife Maker. I sincerely hope that your as pleased with BladeBond as I am, if you're not, I'd be happy to hear any feedback, and if its feasible for us to make improvements we most certainly will. And lastly, I want to thank you for your business. It means a lot to me that you put your trust in us to produce a top quality resin system to hold your projects together.


Best Regards,


Andy Dear