The First Industry Specific Family Of Epoxy Adhesives For The Custom KnifeMaker

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BladeBond Ultra---Available Now!

The Flagship adhesive of the BladeBond lineup, BladeBond Ultra is an unadulterated high performance Polyamine based epoxy system designed to give superior results under the most extreme conditions. BladeBond Ultra exhibits outstanding permanence on a wide variety of surfaces including hard to bond substrates like oily woods. BladeBond Ultra will NEVER shrink and is formulated to retain a high degree of  flexibility under all environmental circumstances. Ultra is measured and mixed in a convenient 1:1 ratio by volume, and has a potlife of 45 min, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usable cure is achieved in 12 hours, but can be force cured at 125 degrees in 2 hours.. When fully cured BladeBond Ultra can can be machined, drilled and tapped, and is totally immune to,and unaffected by water, rot and most common solvents and chemicals.

BladeBond Edge---Available Now!

BladeBond Edge is a quick curing alternative to the Ultra formulation. The Edge system is measured and mixed in a convenient 1:1 ratio, and offers a full 15 min. of working time before it starts to set up. This extended cure cycle gives the knife maker an extra 10 minutes for adjustments and cleanup over the more common 5 minute formulations on the market. BladeBond Edge is a premium product containing no excessive diluents like many of the fast curing formulations sold at the "big box" stores. And like the Ultra formula, it exhibits high permanence and flexability under extreme environmental conditions with zero shrinkage. NOTE: Due to its Mercaptin based hybrid hardener, the Edge formula is highly water resistant, it is NOT waterproof. We do not recommend Edge for applications where the knife will see prolonged exposure to water. Lack of 100% waterproofness is common to all mercaptin based "quick cure" epoxy formulations.

BladeBond HT---Available Now!

BladeBond HT is an exciting new product developed specifically for the hidden tang (stick tang) style of handle of handle construction. After dialouging with several well know makers who expressed their likes and dislikes regarding the current products they were using, we began work on formulating a dedicated hidden tang adhesive...the result is BladeBond HT. The number one requirement of most of the makers we spoke with was that a hidden tang adhesive muct have a very low viscosity for ease of pouring into the handle cavity. BladeBond HT has a viscosity similiar to vegetable oil (at 75 degrees F). It pours beautifully, and fills handle cavities extremely efficiently and completely. Here's the great thing though about the new HT formula. Unlike the rifle bedding compounds currently being used for hidden tang construction, BladeBond HT is measured in a simple 2:1 mix. Additionally it starts to gel in 20 minutes, reaches a tack free workable state in 3 hours. Our accelerated cure cycle drastically reduces down time over the old antiquated formulas currently being used. The physical properties of BladeBond HT are very similiar to our Ultra formula, and like all BladeBond products contain no harmful solvents or VOCs.

BladeBond Extreme---Available Now!

Extreme is the latest addition to the BladeBond family, and features the most robust  performance set of any 1:1 epoxy on the open market. Extreme excels in the most demanding environments, and boasts an astounding maximum service temperature of 250 degrees farenheit. This hign temp. rating gives the maker a very wide margin for error, and greatly reduces the risk of overheating during the handle shaping process.  Where most epoxies start to soften, BladeBond Extreme is just getting started. BladeBond Extreme is a "toughened" resin system, which yields much higher performance when stressed in the peel/shear dimension. Additionally it has much better tensile adhesison on hard to bond synthetic substrates. Cure time on BladeBond Extreme is 24 hours at 70 degrees, but can be accelerated with the addition of mild heat. If you demand the highest performance properties in a 1:1 mix with no post cure processing, BladeBond Extreme is the resin for you.