The First Industry Specific Family Of Epoxy Adhesives For The Custom KnifeMaker

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 Before developing BladeBond, I did a good bit of research as to what adhesives were being used in the Knife making world. It seemed that most folks were using general purpose epoxies sold at the big box stores. And while these systems have some good qualities, they are lacking in certain areas as well. Obviously they are readily available, but in many cases are designed to hit a price point. Additionally most of them are not 100% waterproof. My goal in developing BladeBond was to have an unadulterated premium grade resin system that exhibited high permanence to a wide variety of substrates, was 100% waterproof, had outstanding permanence and physical properties, remained flexible under extreme environmental conditions, didn't shrink, and was priced competitively with the big names in the business. Additionally I wanted to offer it in quantities that didn't necessitate the small custom bladesmith buying a quart or a gallon at a time. I think we've come very close to meeting all those demands.

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, WE SUPPORT THE KNIFE BUILDING INDUSTRY!!! I am a big believer in supporting those who support us, and quite honestly I've never seen a forum sponsorship purchased from any of the major resin manufacturers. So when making your decision as to which adhesive to use on your knives, please remember those who support this great hobby!